Lawrence Wealth Management LLC “LWM” was established in 2008 with the sole mission to provide Financial Planning and Investment Management services to clients with the goal of putting client interests ahead of those of Lawrence Wealth Management.

We are a Registered Investment Advisory “RIA” firm and as such are legally bound by the Fiduciary Standard.  Our compensation is limited to the investment advisory fees we receive from clients; and we receive no commissions from any financial transactions we make on behalf of clients.  Clients therefore have confidence that any transaction we make or recommend is based on their best interests.

We have 36 years of experience in securities analysis, economic analysis and providing investment advice.  During this time, we experienced several periods of market euphoria and fear.  Therefore, clients have confidence that we apply a steady hand in establishing and executing a sound investment strategy, and do not emotionally overreact to market volatility.

Investment Committee – The seven-member Investment Committee of which we are a member meets weekly to discuss and debate the many issues facing markets and clients.  This healthy exchange of ideas and opinions strengthens the advice we provide clients.

Our Team – “LWM”

Investment Committee

Richard S. Lawrence

Founder - LWM

Peter Havens

Chairman: Baldwin Investment Management

Susan Berry-Gorelli

CEO: Baldwin Investment Management

Jared V. Quereau

Managing Director: Baldwin Investment Management

Richard K. May

Managing Director: RKM Advisors

Gary J. Hess

Managing Director: RKM Advisors